Because Homeopathy Has Worked For Me For 50+ Years

Because Homeopathy Has Worked For Me For 50+ Years

Because Homeopathy Has Worked For Me For 50+ Years Because Homeopathy Has Worked For Me For 50+ Years

Put In The Work & Find Out For Yourself.

About Us

Why Homeopathy

Modern medicine, or allopathic medicine, has its place and can and does save lives.  It is predisposed to focusing on the symptoms of what has already occurred. This may finally be changing as the concept of "personalized medicine" gains traction.  But it is currently extremely expensive and in its infancy. 

Homeopathy is all about treating the whole person, looking for the underlying causes that made the patient susceptible to the symptoms in the first place.  Allopathic medicine tends to prescribe a known medication or treatment for a known malady or specific set of symptoms.  Homeopathy treats an individual based on a full work-up of that patient's background, physical, mental, and emotional disposition.  Which means similar manifested symptoms may require different homeopathic remedies for different patients. This is part of the reason why it is so challenging to be a really great Homeopath.  Such skills and treatments are learned over many years, based on the Homeopath's own experience a "Materia Medica" and the ability to call upon 200 years of case histories.  Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy as we know it, published his first volume in 1811.   

Why Homeopathy Is So Controversial

Homeopathy is increasingly under siege from very well-funded pharmaceutical companies, their lobbyists,  sponsored scientists and doctors.  If homeopathy was to be officially recognized as a legitimate branch of medicine it would represent an existential threat to them.  There is little to no money in homeopathy, and even professional homeopathic associations have very meager resources to fight back.  So even the right to refer to homeopathy as "alternate medicine" is under threat in USA, France and other countries.

Many scientists, medical practitioners and pharmaceutical company spokespeople go on record to say Homeopathy is a scam, "it can't possibly work".  It confounds current human knowledge of molecular scientists. For a scientist denial is understandable, as indeed, for homeopathy to be scientifically validated there has to be validation of the  concept of what has become known as "the memory of water".  Their argument is very convincing.  They state it is impossible for any molecule of the original active ingredient, that forms the final homeopathic remedy, to exist after the multi-stage process of violent "shaking" and dilution to a resulting remedy of +/- 1 million parts water:1 part original element.  

On the other side of the table Homeopath's cannot prove the science.  It is beyond our knowledge and you cannot prove a negative.  ALL published research "proving" Homeopathy doesn't work ironically ignores all the Homeopathic "provings" that comprise 200 years of case histories showing it has and does work.

Detractors often state "the placebo" effect.  But this is a cheap shot, because (a) again, you cannot prove a negative and (b) homeopathic treatment successes are ubiquitous and have often succeeded where allopathic medicine did not, or there is no allopathic option.  A current example of this is the coronavirus.  The derivative, causing a  pandemic infecting millions worldwide and likely to kill at least 1/4 million people is the Pandemic Covid-19.  This illusive, virulent virus transmits through the air and transcends from a form of influenza into viral pneumonia  in approx. 20% of cases. Allopathic medicine has no response as of April 2020 and the search for a vaccine continues.     

Our Reason For Being

MyHomeopath is a resource site.  It has just begun.  It will morph into something useful and important in the fight for optimum health and the right for homeopathy to exist.  In the meantime, we recommend that you remain curious and explore the possibilities of homeopathy, without abandoning your access to and belief in modern medicine.  The Founder of MyHomeopath, Michael Leigh, is neither a doctor, nor a homeopathic practitioner.  He is agnostic in the choice of homeopathic doctor or professional organization.  Instead, he has himself benefitted from homeopathy for over 50 years.  He discovered homeopathy while living in England and, as a teenager,  being treated and cured of chronic psoriasis by the late great Margery Grace Blackie and, after she retired, by the impressive and empathetic Dr. Max Deacon.  Dr. Blackie passed in 1981 and was a British Doctor of Medicine who was appointed as the first woman royal physician to Queen Elizabeth ll.  For more than 40 years, since migrating to America, Michael has been self-prescribing and self-healing, thanks to the writings and teachings of great homeopathic Doctors, like the late Dr. Andrew Lockie (author of the wonderful self-help book "The Family Guide To Homeopathy".     

Editor's Footnote:  If anyone has any doubt about the legitimacy of Homeopathy, I urge you to watch a repeat transmission of the speech made by Queen Elizabeth ll on 5th April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic - at 93 years old and 68 years of her reign.  She is the longest serving monarch in history. Just incredible.  Look at her and hear the strength in her voice.  An advocate of homeopathy all her life, she travels with a homeopathic medication kit and the royal physician is always both a medical doctor and a qualified homeopath.